The Tenant Lawyer: Protecting Your Rights

Many people are unaware of the many rights they have with their landlord. A tenant lawyer looks after those rights and helps protect residents in a rental situation from being exploited or taken advantage of in a legal situation. They are experts in the law as it pertains to a landlord/tenant relationship and are often called in not only to represent a resident who feels they have been slighted, but to mediate and settle disputes. For those individuals who can’t afford legal representation, some communities have law schools, which provide outreach programs for just such individuals.

There are few aspects of American law which aren’t complicated to the average individual, but the laws governing the relationship between a landlord and his renters can be among the most difficult to discern. This is why a tenant lawyer provides such a valuable service. There are a number of steps and options available to a renter when they feel backed into a corner. They may not even know they have legal recourse in many situations. Rather than trying to determine their rights and finding the right way through a legal maze, hiring a good attorney can give them the guidance they need to see that their rights are upheld.

As stated above, there are many law schools around the country that provide free or reduced cost services to those individuals who cannot afford to hire a tenant lawyer. This may come in the form of clinics where the average citizen can learn more about their rights and options, or it could come in the form of assistance from final year students who have been granted special certification to provide legal advice to the public. If this isn’t an option where you live, you may also look into a tenant’s rights organization, which exists for the sole purpose of helping people find qualified legal assistance and matching problems to solutions.

If you can afford it; however, it is usually best to find a specialized tenant lawyer who has experience and training in the field of apartment and rental law and can help guide you through every aspect of a dispute. As with any other legal dispute, it is almost certainly a poor idea to try and navigate these waters on your own. Even if you don’t know your rights, your landlord probably does. If he is taking advantage of your ignorance in this area, you need to have the kind of representation that will put you on an even playing field.

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Eviction Lawyer for Rental Disputes

Running or renting out property is a fantastic way to make extra money and use unneeded or unwanted property into wealth generators. That is why it can be so frustrating and baffling when the landlord tenant relationship breaks down. It may seem like a pretty straightforward problem but it is surprisingly difficult to go through the steps of having a renter removed from a property. That is why it is so highly recommended that a person hire an eviction lawyer before trying to undergo this process alone. It is necessary to find someone who has knowledge and information about tenancy and leasing laws in the area and who will fight to preserve property rights.

Unfortunately the risk of running into trouble with someone at some point is something that all landlords have to deal with a troublesome renter. Either they have violated the agreement of the lease or they refuse to leave the property after being requested there can be some awkward and difficult times. This is an unfortunate fact of the business but not one that has to be handled alone. Instead it is better to rely upon an eviction lawyer who is not emotionally or personally involved to step in and take action. These situations are difficult because you are dealing with difficult topics when you are discussing telling someone to leave the place they have come to consider their home.

With a qualified and knowledgeable eviction lawyer it is possible to hopefully take what could be a difficult and explosive situation and hopefully mitigate it. It allows a client the option of having legal representation in case a dispute arises or there are issues with the lease or the behavior or a tenant. With tempers high and conflict imminent it can be easy to accidentally do something that invites future litigation. Instead leave the confrontation to an attorney and maintain a respectable distance from the issue.

Even in situations where the tenant is gone but perhaps they did extensive or irreparable damage it may be necessary to fight for the rights of the owner or property manager. It is not fair that a person would be forced to undergo litigation just to get the money owed to them but it also does not mean they should have to foot the bill for someone else’s incompetence.

When property or rental disputes arise an eviction lawyer is the resource to help get things on track and make sure that the rights of everyone are preserved. They can file legal documents or fight a court case but either way they are the best bet in ensuring that no one is left holding the bag when this sort of business agreement goes sour.

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Why You Need an Estate Lawyer


In the unfortunate time of death of a loved one, fulfilling the will and distributing the assets are not as simple as they sound. Financial and legal matters like taxes, creditors, mortgages, burial fees, and other final bills are just some of the issues need to be settled by the family or executor with the help of an estate or probate lawyer. Not all of us understand state laws regarding the distribution of assets and probate. To be able to settle matters properly and avoid disputes, a lawyer will be most helpful in providing legal assistance. Here are the roles of an estate or probate lawyer that will prove to be useful in time of need.

Locate, Determine, and Secure the Assets of the Deceased

The last will and testament of the deceased will be helpful in laying down all the assets and properties of the deceased. This will give a snapshot of the deceased’s overall assets. The probate lawyer will then locate all the assets whether it’s a cabin or vacation home, a bank account, or a business investment. Any outstanding debts must also be located and determined to be able to settle any unpaid balances. He or she is responsible for giving notice to creditors of the death of the decedent in order to make necessary arrangements to settle unresolved financial matters.

Also included in the lawyer’s responsibilities is assisting in the preparation of documents, statement of accounts for the audit of court. Any transfer of estates must be documented and prepared. No one can do this best than an estate lawyer who is experienced in this legal process.

Provide Assistance and Advice to Executor

It is not uncommon for family and beneficiaries to have disputes regarding the will and the distribution of assets. To get legal advice and assistance in this case, an executor can feel more confident and secure with a probate lawyer. State laws have its provisions regarding estate administration. In this case, the best way to handle disputes is to rely on the legal process and the knowledge and experience of the lawyer in this area.

Know Your Taxes

Different states and countries have varying laws regarding estate and inheritance taxes. The experienced lawyer can advise you on this. Sometimes, selling the property instead of acquiring it as inheritance will prove to be more practical due to various taxes involved. Estate lawyers will also assist in how and where to get the cash to pay the taxes.

Distribute to Beneficiaries

After taxes, final bills, and other debts are settled, the lawyer is tasked to distribute remaining assets and properties to beneficiaries. This is easy with a last will and testament but without one, a lawyer can get the court’s approval on who will receive the inheritance and how it will be distributed to the heirs of the deceased.

If you want a smooth process in this legal matter, always make sure you have an experienced estate lawyer to back you up in the administration and distribution of assets. Having one will help you get things done and over with in no time and with less stress and disputes.

Family Lawyer – A Look at the Field


Few attorneys practice a general sort of law that encompasses any and all cases. While there are larger firms that may house departments for nearly every field, most individual attorneys tend to specialize. A family lawyer specializes in a field relevant to personal and domestic life, usually in the civil realm as opposed to the criminal one. The responsibility of such an attorney is to assist their clients in matters that might come up in a domestic situation. Here’s an overview of the field and some of the primary sub-sections.


One of the primary reasons an individual might hire a family lawyer is to challenge for custody of their children. 50% of American marriages end in divorce, with many of these marriages having produced at least one child. While the courts seemingly favor the mothers in these scenarios by a wide margin, the case is hardly open and shut. Many fathers have as much claim to full custody as the mother and need an attorney to help them state their case. Of course, custody disputes are about more than just who the child stays with. They can and often do extend to matters of financial support as well.


While adoptions are typically not combative procedures, they can involve very complicated legal entanglements, for which a family lawyer can be called upon to help with. Any couples or individuals who want to adopt a baby must look at several options, including whether to arrange a private adoption or to go through an agency. There are also matters of importance such as how much — if any — communication the birth mother will have with her child and so on. Beyond simply helping with the documents, a good attorney can advise prospective parents on their options and recommend solutions that work for the benefit of the adults and the children.


Even when there are no children involved, divorce can be a bad situation. While the majority of splits occur relatively amiably, with little to do in the way of dividing assets and alimony, there is a healthy percentage of cases where things aren’t so amicable. Money is usually at the center of these disputes and a family lawyer can help their client fight for what they believe should be theirs. Whether that means getting more money out of the settlement, dividing the property in a fair manner, or splitting assets, a good attorney can make the case for their client.

Move Your Stalled Commercial Dispute Forward With Mediation


General commercial disputes can run the gamut from an amount of money owed to a supplier of goods or services or with a customer for your goods and services. Disputes with a primary supplier or good customers have a long-term impact on your business. When a “just-in-time” relationship gets derailed, the problems mount up for both parties. Corporations and entrepreneurs are likely to find litigation does not solve the immediate problems; it is just the beginning of a costly and exhausting process. Mediation can serve as a forum, not an arena, allowing for the exploration of alternative resolutions. It has been said that the wise see the inevitable and make it come sooner.

In today’s business world, it is critical to keep everything pared down in order to be as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, a sudden commercial dispute can alter the course of your business dramatically, reducing your profitability in the short term and generating headaches for you and your employees. In the short run, you’ll also be worried about how to “fill the gap” for the goods or services that might be affected by this dispute. For many business owners, the immediate response to a commercial dispute that stalls your business is to reach out and hire a lawyer to proceed with litigation.

There are certainly situations in which litigation is the most appropriate means of action for dispute resolution. However, it should never be a knee-jerk reaction. Trial by combat does not always lead to a peaceful conclusion. Perhaps you and the other party believe that each of you have made significant attempts to resolve the problem but believe that the other side will not listen; or perhaps you have stopped listening.

The lawyer has an important role in advising the client of the preservation of rights and meeting obligations. However, it is always the business people that have to make the decision as to the risks and the rewards of different approaches to resolving the dispute. It is the business decision maker that needs to explore all avenues to achieve resolution. Mediation might be a successful way to allow you to close out the dispute and get on with the rest of your life.

There are several different types of alternative dispute resolutions, but mediation is extremely powerful when it comes to resolving commercial disputes. Mediators are trained in how to lead conversations to resolution, focusing on the issues that have the potential to lead to a resolution and not getting sidetracked by emotions or frustrations.

Compared with litigation, mediation offers incredible benefits for the busy business owner. Mediation meetings can be scheduled with much better flexibility than what is available through traditional litigation, allowing you to move forward more quickly. Since the meetings are scheduled around the needs of the disputing parties, the parties in dispute can actually craft the final agreement. This is a much better option than the “winner-take-all” approach that appears in many courtrooms. You will feel at ease by working with an experienced professional and playing a role in your own solution.